Why Your Ex Must Be The One To Come To You

Though it's tempting to try to help them along or to reach out, the numbers over the last two decades have been clear - let your ex come to you to get them back.

It's not just something that sounds good, it actually works in a large percentage of situations.

Be sure to watch this video all the way through as I go over 5 reasons (and a bonus reason at the end) that will help you understand why you should let him/her be the one to come to you and how it often happens.

I'll be writing some additional content to go with this video soon but in the mean time, take your time watching so that you are able to absorb and understand for those days of doubt.

I talk about more details like this in my Emergency Breakup Kit, including how to handle requests for meet ups, what to do when you see them face to face, whether or not you should suggest it, etc.

-Coach Lee
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