Did You Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back

Did you ruin your chances of getting back together with your ex?

Maybe you have found my articles or videos on getting your ex back and think you have ruined any chance at all of getting your ex back.

Maybe you begged, pleaded, cried, constantly texted or called.

Maybe you showed up to where they work or live, wanting to talk.

Just one of those actions can significantly shrink what little attraction remains for you from your ex.

That includes attraction that is physical, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual.

But there is good news.

What Can Help If You Think You Have Ruined Your Chances

Not only will applying the no contact rule prevent the hole from being dug even deeper, it allows time to redefine you to your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

pattern interruptionWhat Is Pattern Interruption?

While doing the things I mentioned above (begging, pleading, calling, showing up, etc.), almost certainly lowers your chances of getting your ex back, you are not without a path to victory.

Your path utilizes a concept known as pattern interruption.

By applying the no contact rule, you show your ex a completely different behavior pattern.

You defy and contradict their expectations.

They hear their phone buzz, but it’s not you.

They had felt the annoyance, expecting it to be you continuing to pester them about getting back together.

But it’s not.

Your ex being surprised once or twice accomplishes little and you being silent for one or two days accomplishes little.

But two weeks of deafening silence from you?

Now we are talking!

But we want more.

Your ex is literally programmed to react with mild disappointment when their buzzing phone doesn’t show a text from you.

Not necessarily because your ex misses you yet or wants to hear from you yet, but because of a concept known as pattern interruption.

The human mind hates being wrong.


Because it suggests lack or loss of control.

Trust me, your ex wants you to contact him/her.

If your ex’s mind feels he/she doesn’t have control over a situation, your ex will feel disappointment.

It’s subtle and takes time, but it contributes to your ex’s budding feelings of curiosity about you.

And as I have stated many times in videos and articles, curiosity is a precursor to attraction.

We don't want to give your ex the answers.

That is, we don't want your ex believing that he/she knows for sure if you want them back or not.

We want your ex to wonder about it.

We want your ex to try to find the answer.

And your silence gives them no answers, but can cause them to suspect that maybe you are handling the breakup a lot better than you were.

This will prevent your ex from thinking that he/she can get you back whenever they want.

It keeps your ex from simply putting you in backup-plan mode and thinking that he/she can get you back if it ever looks like the breakup was a mistake.

So if you’re worried you have ruined things with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, take heart in knowing that a positive change in pattern from you can go a long way towards your ex seeing you differently and being attracted to you again.

Be sure to read those other articles and to watch my video. None of that costs you a cent yet you gain from my experience and effort (and I truly hope that you do).

I highly recommend my Emergency Breakup Kit to give you the best chance possible of getting your ex back.

No matter what, I wish you the very best.

-Coach Lee
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